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By Lydia Hatter, Indiana Bride Magazine

Choosing your Bridesmaids may be one of the most important steps in the first stages of your wedding planning. Being able to choose your best girl friends to stand by you at the alter is quite an honor, after all, you chose these women above all others for support on one of the most important days of your life. The bridesmaids are there throughout some of the hectic preparations and planning, leading a role as errand runners, head guest counters, and even supporters as the in-laws come in town. But sometimes, with all the pressure to be the perfect support system, your friends may breakdown with all the weight on their shoulders. Even though, you hope that each one will get through the experience as smoothly as possible, you must be prepared to manage a backlash from unhappy Bridesmaids that are battling with other bridesmaids, or unhappy with the upcoming aspects of the wedding process or plan on hanging out with the boys:)!

Budget Freaking Bridesmaids:

First of all, you must be considerate of their situation. Yes, you are planning your dream wedding, may of set an over the top budget, and are making all the pricing decisions, but you are not in control of their bank account. Instead of choosing an outrageously priced gown for your Bridesmaids, choose something with a smaller price ticket if finances are an issue. You must remember that your bridesmaids will only be wearing this gown for a few short hours, although they will be in pictures but the focus is on the bride, not what the bridesmaids are wearing. If your girls are worried they will be forking over every spare dollar they have toward a pair of heels, a dress, accessories, and hair and make-up for your big day- then have your gift to them take off part of the load and buy the shoes or pay for the up-do as your token of appreciation.

Hate the Dress Bridesmaids:

You’ve run all around town trying to find the perfect bridesmaids gowns just to find that those best girls of yours aren’t so fond of your final choice. If it’s at all possible, take all of the Bridesmaids out together to a local boutique. Tell them that you will be in charge of the color, but with a style that you approve of, they will be allowed to choose a top to fit with a pre-selected bottom gown. Many retailers offer a selection of gowns choices that can be mismatched and swapped for different styles to match each body type. If “Bridesmaid A” feels more comfortable in a halter-top, and “Bridesmaid B” wants a strapless, let the girls choose what will boost their self-esteem the most. Work together with each of them to let them know how important is that they are happy at the end result.

Envious Bridesmaids:

We watched the battle unfold on the hit movie “Bridesmaids” as the maid of honor and another Bridesmaid competed for the approval of the bride-to-be.  If your bridesmaids are feuding, be sure to address the issue at hand. It might be the case that both friends are coming to terms that their best friend is moving on into the next phase of her life and could possibly be leaving her friends behind. Schedule some fun “non-wedding central” time out with the girls for a little “R & R” and female bonding.

Slacking Bridesmaids:

Taking on the role of a Bridesmaid is an honor. With this role, your Bridesmaids must know the expectations upfront of what they are entitled and willing to do. Aside from the financial obligations, they should be there for emotional support, encouragement and the willingness to be there for you through a roller coaster ride of wedding tasks to be completed. If one of your Bridesmaids is not doing her part, the first thing you must do is communicate your needs with them. It’s important to be honest, but don’t attack you friend with a list of duties to complete. No one wants a bridezilla to come out! Sit your Bridesmaid down and help her organize and manage those Bridesmaids duties she is having trouble with, or delegate that Maid of Honor to help make it all smooth sailing.

Remember right after that Diamond, Bridesmaids really are girl’s best friends!