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The question should be “What doesn’t a professional disc jockey do”?  The biggest thing is to make a perspective client see and understand the difference between a $250 disc jockey and a $999 disc jockey.  The $250 disc jockey will just show up at the contracted event and play music.  He’s just there.  He doesn’t do much else other than play music to his liking.  The $999 disc jockey takes the time to meet with the client, go over their musical likes and dislikes.  He will go over the time line for what and when things are happening at the contracted event.  He will coordinate with the planner and photographer and, if there is one, the vidoeographer.  If there isn’t a planner, this disc jockey can even stand in as the event planner.

The professional disc jockey will act as the master of ceremonies and emcee for your event.

Whatever the client wants him to announce, he will make those announcements in a very professional yet fun way.  He will not continue talking just to hear himself talk.  After all, it’s not about the DJ, it’s about the guests of honor, the Bride and Groom.

One of the hardest things a professional disc jockey has to do is try to convince his clients that some of the music they have requested may be a little inappropriate and that particular songs probably won’t do their dance floor any good.  Convince them in a way they are in total agreement instead of coming out and telling the client “No, I’m not going to play that song!”.

Some of the things a professional disc jockey will take with him to an event will be a good portion of the music he owns.  That way whatever is requested will more than likely be covered. This professional DJ will not use iPod generated music.  He has complete control over what music is being played.  The music will be unobjectionable.  Your grandparents, your granfchildren and even your pastor, priest or rabbi would be able to sit through the music without being embarrassed.

Another thing the DJ takes with him will be a copy of the timeline and the names of all the people to be introduced.  These names should be written for him to be able to read and not “flub” the pronounciation of the name.

There have been times that the DJ is asked “Do you provide a dance floor?”  A professional DJ will have in his list of contacts a referral for a good, reputable party equipment rental company who provides such things.

All in all a professional disc jockey will have all the tools and resources to insure a great, rocking party that will be remembered for years to come.