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What’s a wedding without fun? Seriously, it’s like a prom without music or Halloween without costumes. Think about it from the guest’s perspective. Wedding activities typically last an entire day, if not longer. From getting prepared to attending the ceremony and reception, the guests dedicate a lot of time to honoring your nuptials. So, make their experience fun!

DJ Staci Nichols shares insightful information on wedding entertainment in her article “The Best Weddings Make Room for Fun” that appeared in Wedding Planner Magazine. She mentions Peter Merry’s book The Best Wedding Reception…Ever, which says:

  • Twenty to 30 percent of the wedding budget should be allotted to wedding entertainment
  • Entertainment helps create the fun, memorable moments that photographers try to capture
  • Spending too much in other areas might mean couples spend less on entertainment, so guests may not linger much past the end of the meal

Entertainment brings the party. Guests become filled with bliss as the music picks up and the dancing begins. The bride and groom then get the chance to watch as their whole guest list is as happy as them. Happiness paired with extraordinary music and the perfect mood lighting will leave guests hoping your wedding will never end (plus endless reminders on every wedding anniversary about how spectacular the reception was).

Another helpful hint from Nichols is to create an entertainment-friendly timeline. Ensure your guests are occupied while you take photos or during a dress change. This will keep your guests entertained the whole night long without having to impatiently wait for the next portion of the wedding to start.

Hint: do not start clean-up until after the last dance. When cleanup starts it sends a message that the wedding is coming to a close and it’s time to go home.

The last vital statistic is “77 percent of brides and grooms value their wedding fun over any other quality”, according to wedding expert Liene Stevens of Think Splendid. When the wedding planning begins, keep entertainment high on the priority list. Entertainment makes a happy, exciting party for everyone at the wedding. Keep it fun!