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Rocking Indianapolis Wedding Receptions 

Weddings definitely are a reflection of culture, and a multitude of factors can play into your big day. Where you hail from can play into the big day too and affect the aspects of the big day that are most important to you. One thing that doesn’t change though is the importance of the music at your wedding. Music sets the mood for the whole day, and the last thing you want to happen is have everyone sitting around all evening bored  because the music playlist wasn’t discussed ahead of time. You can ensure this doesn’t happen by pre-structuring the music playlist at your wedding to make sure everything flows smoothly all night, and you end up with one of the most rocking Indianapolis wedding receptions around! 

If you’re considering using a DJ for your wedding, here are some tips for helping you plan and set up the music for your big day so when it arrives, everything flows seamlessly, and you can sit back and just enjoy the music without having to worry!

3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Wedding DJ Experience 

1. Be upfront and direct. Everything will run so much smoother on your day if you are upfront with your requests of your DJ from the very beginning. Should he or she take song requests? Should they be super talkative all day/night? Come up with a list of things that are important to you in regards to your wedding playlist and tell your DJ what you want and what you are expecting from the very beginning. Don’t be afraid to be demanding. It’s your day, but remember your DJ is there to help you and your guests enjoy it. The more information they have about what you want/like, the better it’ll be for everyone.

2. Be very specific about your playlist. Let him or her know what songs you want played, at what time, etc. Do you want your first dance to last 3 1/2 minutes or 5? Where do you want the song to start and stop? These are important things you’re going to want to tell your DJ so there is no confusion on your day. It’s also important to make sure your DJ is informed of your “Do Not Play” list. If there are certain songs you don’t want to hear no matter what, your DJ needs to know this so he or she can make sure that song does not get played on your big day. If you’re going to let your DJ take song requests, make sure you come up with a way to kindly reject song requests that are on the “Do Not Play” list (a common way of doing this is simply telling the guest the song is not available).

3. Get your playlist and do not playlist to your DJ as soon as possible. It may not seem like such a big deal to have your playlist ready weeks or months in advance, but the sooner your DJ has all that information, the better. It’s also important to keep in mind that every DJ uses a different system, so it’s courteous to them if you give them enough time to make sure they have all the songs you wish to hear. Definitely make sure your DJ has the playlist at least 30 days before your wedding, but the sooner the better!!

Bottom line: Be prepared with specific playlists and make sure you’re upfront from the beginning to avoid any confusion or frustration on the big day. Your DJ is the person that’s going to set the mood for the evening, get the party started, and keep it going all night long. Make sure he or she knows exactly what you’re expecting in advance, and everything should work out perfectly!

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