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Hiring the right Indianapolis Wedding DJ can make or break your big day, but it’s also up to you to communicate your wishes to your DJ in advance to get the best possible experience for both you and your guests. Here’s a list of 5 things to make sure you tell your wedding DJ, so that everything runs smoothly on the big day and the party can keep going all night long!

5 Most Important Things to Tell Your Wedding DJ

1. How to pronounce your names

There’s nothing worse than having your name mispronounced on your wedding day. Because your wedding DJ is most likely going to also be your MC for the day, make sure you give them the correct pronunciation of your names as well as all the names of the people in your wedding party, especially if anyone has an unusual first or last names. Giving a phonetic spelling of these names in advance saves the trouble and embarrassment later, and ensures a smooth Grand Introduction at the reception.

2. What are the important songs that can’t be missed, when to play them, and for how long

You probably already have the songs picked out for the first dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, cake cutting, etc. Do you have the time frame for each song planned though? This is definitely something you’ll want to discuss with your DJ. Do you want your first dance to be the full five minutes long or would you prefer it only lasted three and you fade into something else? Make sure you fill your DJ in on these songs and timing requests because it saves you stress later on and helps ensure that your day run smoothly

3. Songs you do not want to be played

If there are certain songs/types of songs you do not wish to be played at your wedding, it may be even more important to let you DJ know of these songs than your playlist of “must plays”, especially if you’re going to allow guests to request songs. This is your big day so songs you want to hear should be played, but informing your DJ of the songs you do not wish to hear in advance allows for him or her to make these songs “unavailable” for guests to request. There’s no harm done, and no hurt feelings.

4. Context behind certain songs on your playlist

Having a list of songs you’d like to hear throughout the day is definitely important to give your DJ an idea of the feel you’re trying to go for with your wedding/reception, but adding context to certain songs allows for your DJ to better interact with you and your guests and make everyone feel encouraged to join in the party. If your college besties and you have a song that gets you dancing every time, let your DJ know this. If guests hear songs that remind them of you and your relationship, it’ll keep them dancing and having fun all night long. Keep in mind that even though it’s your big day, your guests want to feel a part of it as well.

5. Strained/tense relationships to be aware of…

If there are any relationships that could make the day awkward, it’s important to let your DJ know this. Are there any divorces or separations in your family, bridal party, etc.? It is crucial for your DJ to have this information in advance so that he or she knows to use sensitivity when interacting with these individuals at the reception.

Make sure your DJ is aware of all your wishes ahead of time to ensure that your big day runs as smoothly as possible. They are there to make sure you and your guests enjoy the day. Help them help you by giving them the information they need to keep your party going all night long.

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