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When it comes to planning your wedding, Pinterest is definitely the place to get new ideas, but there are so many ideas that it’s hard to accomplish even a tiny fraction of them. Uplighting at a wedding venue is one of those fab ideas that’s shown all the time and looks more complicated than it actually is… Uplighting is a very simple and much needed aspect that adds WOW FACTOR to your wedding reception.

What is DJ Uplighting, you ask?

Well, uplighting is the latest in upscale events. It’s used to set the mood for the evening. This is done by using color-changing LED lights that can be customized to the colors of your wedding or whatever colors you would like to accent on your big day. The colors you choose can completely change the atmosphere of the venue to give you whatever feeling you’re striving for. If you’re wanting to periodically have the colors change throughout the day/evening, that can be done as well. Using LED lights allows for changing colors on the spot, which helps to make your wedding venue space unique to you and your big day.

Okay, but what does LED mean?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Originally, when uplighting was created/first became popular, the uplights were very heavy par cans with halogen bulbs. A single color gel was placed over the bulb to change the color, which only allowed for one color to be used. The halogen bulbs were also incredibly hot to the touch. More recently though, LED lights have become the norm in uplighting, which are very low energy and generate almost no heat. This makes them completely safe to use around anyone, including children. LED lights also last for thousands of hours before burning out, which makes them a much better investment than the halogen bulbs. Unlike the halogen bulbs that could only emit one color at a time, LED lights are programmed with an array of colors in them, which allows them to fade in between different hues and shades of colors, making it easier to find the shade (or multiple shades) that is perfect for you and your big day. Plus they are easy peasy for our team to bring to your event. Just ask.

Want to add some Uplighting to your big day? Contact Sunny Moon. We’re now booking for Fall 2017 and Spring 2018.