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Tips for Brides

5 Things Brides Consider When Choosing Vendors

Wedding Professionals:

I wrote about this topic back in 2009 when the economy was absolutely horrible and many wedding businesses were wondering how to get back on their feet. Since times have changed a bit, I thought this topic was worth revisiting. The factors that brides consider when choosing vendors have not entirely changed – but I believe more emphasis is place on some factors versus others.

We are usually quick to assume that price is the main factor for brides as they plan their wedding. Yes, price is important but there are other factors that are just as influential. I came to this conclusion after reading Lee Eisenberg’s ‘Why Shopping is Good Again.’ I personally believe that these five values can also help all of us to understand what brides are thinking as they are making their purchasing decisions in the year 2012…

  1. Brides value experiences that transform them. Even some of the shyest women embrace the spotlight on their big day. As a bride plans her wedding, she is more commonly thinking about her own personal ‘red carpet’ moment. That is the moment when everyone at her wedding will look at her in astonishment. Various vendors have picked up on this common value or mindset. What additional services can you add to your current offering in order to make brides feel special and transformed?
  2. Brides value shared experiences. As the economy changed over the last few years, brides began to place more value on family, friendships and relationships in general. We’ve been forced to focus on the things that are really important in life – and that’s not a bad thing. In some cases, guest lists have had to shrink and brides have had to focus on the elements that matter most to their loved ones. But behind all of that, weddings have become more intimate. What can you do to add to that intimate, meaningful experience to a bride’s big day?
  3. Brides value experiences that are an extension of themselves. It’s no wonder that many brides are now into DIY (Do-It-Yourself) elements. They are creating their own menus, programs, favors – you name it. We tend to think this is only to save money. However, they are also doing this to put their stamp on their big day – to make it personal. Thinking beyond price and thinking deeper about the personal nature of a DIY wedding, how can you make your products and services more personalized?
  4. NEW! Brides value things that are beautiful. Especially given the fact that 2012 is a year when one of the biggest trends is that weddings will be romantic and pretty. And they will think that you will deliver a service with these qualities IF your website, portfolio and various marketing materials are also beautiful. Sometimes it is hard for us to judge that for ourselves. Ask your friends and family if your website is beautiful.
  5. NEW! Brides choose vendors that they connect with on a personal level. With hundreds of vendors to choose from, brides are more likely to choose vendors that they believe they will get along with. After all – if they choose you, you’ll be spending an entire day together. The key is to make a great first impression, establish a good rapport and build trust. What will you do during your initial conversations to establish that strong connection? In addition, consider adding testimonials to your website to establish greater trust.